Sophia Goehner

“My formative years were spent traveling. Being exposed to a variety of different cultures I picked up variable forms of creative expression to record what I saw. Sketching and painting first, followed by black and white photography, then separately the study of the violin and the piano. My early investigation of these art forms served as the foundation for the subsequent study of Architecture at Cornell University where I continued to immerse myself in new media and a variety of digital and analog mediums, often bringing greater nuance and experimental vigor to my methodologies. I received my diploma in February of 2010 after submitting my these book in which I investigated the synthesis of Agricultural Production with Architecture. Today I can be found creating both 2D and 3D digital and analog works, paintings and photography.”

Sophia Goehner

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Sophia Goehner

Architect, Painter, Designer + Photographer


I am a well-traveled, well educated Web, Graphic + Architectural Designer. I hold a five year professional degree in Architecture from Cornell University and am a citizen of both Germany and the United States of America.

Travel: Due to my bi-cultural circumstance I was fortunate to begin traveling at an early age. Over the years I have traveled extensively throughout Europe, North America and several regions of North Africa, and Mexico. Accordingly I have a wide perspective and consider myself a citizen of the world.

Professional Focus: With the experience received by completing a five-year professional degree in Architecture from Cornell University, fused with an independent study of fine arts, graphic design & web development, I now find myself investigating and exploring 2D and 3D design frontiers. At times I can be found creating creative media content, solutions and strategies for online brands and the communities they serve.


Belief & Motivation: I am motivated by the belief in the potential of design and digital technologies to transform the current political, social and economic landscape. Architecture, like digital technology, has the ability to affect social and cultural changes. I believe in using innovative design as a catalyst to help affect creative, cultural and social opportunity.

Architectural + Creative Media Objectives: To combine digital technology and Architectural design with 2D and 3D solutions to create design representations which reflect contemporary trends in digital media representation and Architectural design representation.

Architectural Design Objectives: To collaborate with local makers, designers and developers to create innovative architectural solutions, founded on sustainable, innovative and progressive design ideas.

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